Supporting Kidds

The Center for Grieving Children and Their Families

Our Mission

To provide a compassionate pathway to healing for grieving children and their families, and to empower the community to support them in the grieving process.

We Believe

When provided with support and information, grieving children and their families can mobilize their own capacities to heal.  A knowledgeable and caring community is an essential aid in this process.

What We Do

We are a comprehensive center for supporting and educating bereaved children, their families, and the larger communities in which they live.  We wish to be directly responsive to the needs of the community, and therefore offer an evolving menu of programs and services, both at the center and in collaboration with interested sites that serve children.

Helping Children Cope

Children experience overwhelming feelings when someone close to them dies - sadness, confusion, shock, fear, anger, guilt and worry. In the midst of these reactions, children must also struggle with the reality of what has happened and manage a multitude of changes in their daily routines that accompany loss.

Children look to adults for cues on dealing with their new circumstances following a death. Yet parents and guardians often are overwhelmed or unsure about how to help them.  Supporting Kidds can help.

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