Supporting Kidds

The Center for Grieving Children and Their Families


Supporting Kidds’ staff consists of highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to helping grieving children and families.   In addition, more than 60 volunteers are trained to facilitate our support groups.   Our services are developed and directed by our program staff, who are licensed mental health professionals with extensive experience working with children and grief issues. 

Nicole Smith, LPCMH - Team Leader

Cara Shopa Duncan, MS - Healing Pathways

Katie Koontz, LPCMH - Guiding Pathways

Keishia Hemphill, M.Ed. - School-Based Trauma Group Therapist

Renee Mendez, M.S. - School-Based Trauma Group Therapist

Matt Levett - Support Staff

Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of committed, energetic community members who bring their various professional expertise to our "working" Board.  The Supporting Kidds Board meets monthly.  All of our board members participate in planning and oversight committees, assist with fundraising, and help connect Supporting Kidds with the business community.

Eric J. Monzo

Vice President
Josh Kelso

Carrie Kehner

William Dinicola


Nathaniel Bacon

Jessica C. Bain

Bill Bowlsbey

Thomas Burke

Michele Kennedy

Ellen K. Levin

Wilma Mishoe, Ed.D.

Matthew Schlitz

Brock Thomas


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