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Including Children in the Grief Process
Some basic tips about sharing information with children about loss, death, and grief.

Support Groups
Do We Really Need a Support Group?  Some frequently asked questions (and answers) about Healing Pathways, our 6-week bereavement support group.

Supporting Children in the Wake of Tragedy
The evening news provides us with daily reminders about the tragedies we hope our children will never experience. As we watch and learn about each of these adversities, we often find ourselves attempting to shield children from even the knowledge that such events do occur. Yet, as the debates and disagreements about gun control and community violence wage on, one thing has become perfectly clear: Our children are going to continue to be exposed to information about tragic events, whether or not we try to shield them.

Coping with the Holidays Following a Loss
As Halloween and the fall festivities unfold, we begin to shift our focus to the changing of the seasons and the wave of holidays that are approaching.  For many families, this is a time of high excitement, anticipation, and joy. But for those who are grieving, the holiday season can serve as a challenging and painful reminder of family loss.

Back to School Following Loss
As the summer quickly speeds by and the familiar “Back to School” jingles appear on the television, grieving families are faced with yet another hurdle to clear in their journey through loss.  Going back to school after experiencing a major loss or death can feel daunting, even for the most diligent and eager student.

Managing Grief in the Summer Months
With every change comes some form of loss and subsequent grief; the changing of the seasons is no exception. As summer quickly approaches, grieving families are faced with yet another round of changes and the potential for resurgence in grief reactions. What will the kids do now that school is ending? How will I manage child care? Can we still afford summer camps or the pool membership? I can't manage the family vacation to the beach without my partner! How will my child manage, now that she doesn't have school work to keep her mind occupied? Should I try to keep the kids busy, so they don't have to think about their mom?

Helpful Tips for Falling Asleep
Many people, especially during the early phase of bereavement, have problems sleeping well.  Getting enough sleep is an essential part of the self-care needed to make sure you have the energy (both physical and mental) for grief-processing.  Here are 10 tips to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

The Process of Grief
Grief is not an illness to be treated.  It is a human process to be experienced.

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